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Milica Schiavio, pronounced “M I L I T Z A” founded her business “Milica in the Hat Millinery” on the basis of wit with the passion to ignite. Her hand made, individually tailored hats and fascinators defy formality. Each whimsical work allows the wearer to make a dramatic entrance, spark curiosity, be theatrical, and incite an extravagant viewing experience. Her avant-garde headpieces represent an attitude of freedom from the mainstream conventions of society. They lead to dream.



Milica Schiavio was born in Belgrade, Serbia and raised in Wynnewood, PA, USA. She is a Baldwin School alumn, received a BA from Drexel University, and went on to get an MA in International Relations and Economics from Johns Hopkins University, SAIS. She is multilingual with a global perspective, having traveled to over 40 countries. She enjoys making statement pieces, hats that enliven the wearer, dazzle the crowds and spark conversation. Her hats are not subtle. They are imaginative. Milica brings forth passion, drive, and creative rebellious design vision. Her collection consists of eye-catching headpieces which represent uninhibited expression and are intended to create an impact and impression. She hopes that you will have fun wearing her hats and fascinators wherever life takes you.


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